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Best White Tee Shirt for Women -- Comparison

Posted by Ashley Hill on
Are you sick and tired of brands that claim to have "non-see-through" white t-shirts, but are still see-through!? We put some of the most popular brands of plain white tees on the market to the test... Here's how ours stack up. We'll let the evidence do the talking.
White Tee Comparison
Core Qualitees Core Tee Comparison
So what's different about Core Qualitees' t-shirts? We double-line both the front AND back, providing more structure so you don't have to wear extra layers or undergarments to hide embarrassing bra lines. The single-lined sleeves allow for more air flow and flexibility. The fuller length gives perfect coverage around the mid-drift and lower back, so no "cheeky" appearances. Our tees have a smoothing, form-fitting effect that help shape and sculpt your body. Made from bamboo, it’s sustainable, soft, flexible, cooling, and breathable, proving maximum comfort throughout your day. Did we mention it lasts longer than a regular single-lined shirt? We keep our shirts clean and simple with no logos visible. Why? Because it’s not about us. It’s about YOU.
So what do you think? Have we perfected the everyday t-shirt and closet core? You be the judge. 


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1 comment

  • Loa Anderson on

    Loved the video! Think it is a great ad! Say Hooray to the reasons behind Core Qualities! Best Wishes!
    Hope you have lovely colors like turquoise, coral, daffodil yellow, 3 shades of blue etc. down the road.

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