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Our Mission

Core Qualitees Founder/CEO Ashley Hill
Hello! I am Ashley Hill, founder and CEO of Core Qualitees. In my 24 years of life, I've seen way too many women let the world determine their worth and how they feel about themselves. In the summer of 2018, I read a statistic that 89% of women believe they are overweight. I was shocked, upset, and devastated. I asked myself the question, "What has lead to this statistic?" On February 1, 2019, Core Qualitees was born in an effort to change that.
Core Qualitees is a minimalistic clothing brand on a mission to help all women understand their purpose and pursue their potential to change the world for good. To accomplish this, we build women's self-esteem and confidence by simplifying the outer appearance to focus attention on their innate value and core qualities.
Because of this, we don't believe in creating clothing for you to showcase. We create clothing to showcase YOU. None of our high quality tee shirts feature our logo visibly for that very reason. It's not about us... it's about YOU.
Our tee shirt sizes are unique from what the beauty industry has done in the past. Rather than "Small, Medium, Large", our size names are qualities like "Courageous, Kind, Optimistic" to help redirect the focus to what actually matters and increase positive body image.
We each have qualities, talents, skills, ideas, experiences, and wisdom worth sharing. Join us in making sure women everywhere embrace their true worth and develop the confidence to share their stories to help inspire others.