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Q: Why are your shirts so expensive?

A: Great question! We've pulled out all the stops to solve one of the biggest problems women face with clothing-- a non-see-through white tee. That means using premium fabrics and materials that are sustainable, feel good, are very high quality, and double the fabric of a regular shirt. We also support ethical work environments and have partnered with manufacturers who do as well. Given the double-lined structure and integrity, our shirts are meant last longer than a regular tee, meaning you don't have to keep buying new shirts when they wear out... just ours!

Q: Can I return or exchange an item?

A: See return/exchange policy HERE

Q: Why do you use qualities as size names?

A: Our goal with this is to drive attention to what really matters-- YOU. Not your size, shape, or how your body stacks up against society. We want to do our part to direct the focus on our qualities and what we can share with others rather than on our bodies.

Q: Will there be more colors and style options?

A: Absolutely! We are slowly scaling our small business and hope to launch new colors and styles soon! To stay "in the know" about new releases and offers be sure to subscribe to our newsletter!

Q: Why aren't there any logos on your shirts?

A: Because Core Qualitees isn't about us... it's about YOU! So we create clothing to showcase YOU.

Q: Can I use more than one discount code on an order?

A: We only allow one discount code per order.

Q: What if my package is lost?

A: Core Qualitees is not responsible for lost/undelivered packages. Once the package leaves our shipping center (verified by tracking information) it is no longer our responsibility. If your package gets lost, you can try filing a claim or going through your credit card company to receive a refund.