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Give Your Mental Health a Fighting Chance

Posted by Ashley Hill on
“I believe depression is legitimate. I also believe that if you don’t:
Eat nutritious food
Get sunlight
Get enough sleep
Consume positive material
Surround yourself with support
... then you aren’t giving yourself a fighting chance.” – Matt Stephens
I LOVE this quote because it totally rings true. Any time I have ever felt down, sorry for myself, sluggish, heavy-hearted, anxious, or depressed it has stemmed from one or multiple of these bullet points on the list above. It is so crucial for us to take care of our bodies so that our minds can be clear. When we do we are able to increase our concentration, engage in more meaningful interactions, be more observant, have more energy to help others struggling around us, stimulate our creativity, feel at peace, and experience life with those we love. When we master our bodies, we master our minds.
I invite everyone who has ever experienced mental illness in even the slightest degree to implement the above list. If we do, we can all have a fighting chance at combating these serious mental/emotional diseases and feel JOY! 🙂

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